NIKI francesca

I aim to set up situations, whether in a studio or a classroom, where materials or students will interact and come together to create something beautiful. I strive to know my materials and students so intimately that I can rely on intuition to respond to them…and trust that I know what it is I need to say, or find, or teach. For me, the beauty is letting the details fall into place…
— Niki Francesca

Niki is currently teaching visual art at Innovations Academy public charter school in San Diego, California. She graduated from MICA’s nationally recognized Master of Arts in Teaching, Art Education Program in Baltimore, Maryland in 2014. Niki began printmaking over a decade ago and after graduating with a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin, Niki realized her love of art and teaching and decided to pursue her passion. She attended Montgomery College in Takoma Park, Maryland, earning an A.A. in Studio Art in order to complete credits required for admission to MICA’s competitive program.

Niki’s most recent and developed art practice focuses on a combination of monotype printmaking and collage. She combines the momentum inherent in the nature of the medium and the monotype’s element of unpredictability to spontaneously create in the moment. She re-purposes materials and pieces that have been inked, printed, and imprinted in the printmaking process for collage. Sometimes this material is added directly to the print from which it came, other times it becomes a work of its own. No matter the outcome of each work, it contains information, both visual and technical, to apply to future work.


Niki has taught art in a variety of media (including printmaking, drawing, ceramics, 3D art, painting, collage) and settings, that include preschool art, volunteering with children in transitional housing ages 4-14, interning for undergraduate courses at MICA, and teaching summer courses at MICA’s Young People’s Studio. During graduate school Niki interned and student taught in public elementary and middle schools in the Baltimore area, including The Baltimore Design School. She is currently teaching Art at Innovations Academy, a K-8 public charter school in San Diego.


Winter Wave

Group Exhibition

La Jolla Artist Association Gallery

Jan 2016


Set Forth

MAT Graduate Thesis Group Exhibition

Fox Gallery, Baltimore, MD

Feb 2014


Collaborate. Design. Educate

Graphic Design & Art Education Residency

Baltimore, MD

Apr 2013


The Sligo Journal of Arts & Letter

Community Journal (3 works selected)

Silver Spring, MD

Fall 2012 Publication



Community Art Project

Maze Gallery, Takoma Park, MD

Nov 2011

Coffee Art

Group Exhibition

San Diego Beer & Art Fest

Oct 2016


Small Work Big Ideas

MAT Graduate Group Exhibition

Fox Building, Baltimore, MD

Apr 2013


Merging Spaces

Interdisciplinary Group Sculpture Show

Middendorf Gallery, Baltimore, MD

Jan 2013


Montgomery College Student Art Show

Student Group Exhibition

Maze Gallery, Takoma Park, MD

Jul 2012